Is it true that in some registrars have paperless renewal RU, SU, RF domain? Part2

3) R01 and its resellers

To change the administrator once is enough to sign a special additional agreement on simplified workflows, to transfer the domain to a direct contract, and then will transfer the domain administration rights will be made through a personal account online.

4) Webnames

1 way – through direct auction sale Webnames

At the auction may be sold only second level domain names in domain RU, COM, NO, ORG, RU, SU, COM, NET, ORG, MOBI, BIZ, NET, NAME. Seller Online auction registrar creates a direct sale to a particular domain with a fixed minimum price and the buyer indicates login webnames. Use of this method removed the commission registrar of 10% and 18% VAT. Overhead costs usually do not exceed $ 100. This amount is automatically deducted at the registrar’s site, with a balance of the new owner.

To create a direct auction sale must be the seller and the buyer to verify the account in Webnames copies of documents. Then seller in your account webnames auction creates a direct sale of the domain, username specifies the buyer. On contact email buyer will receive a letter from the registrar with a link, which he will need to go through to confirm that you want to buy a domain.